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Holistic Herbal Remedies

Holistic herbal remedies for a natural, healthy lifestyle. Shop for wellness products, including botanical herbs or learn herbalism.

The Earth is Wise and the Way to tend her is with the future generations of plants, animals, and humans in mind and heart.

Ethical and pure holistic herbal remedies are important, that is why the plants formulated into the artisan remedies are ethically wild foraged or sourced from women-led regenerative farms.

Plus, you can find virtual wellness classes, because when you personally connect with your holistic herbal remedies, you strengthen your relationship with the Earth and you deepen your healing process.

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Holistic Wellness & Herbal Remedies

Holistic Herbal Remedies


All herbs are sourced fresh from organic regenerative farmers or ethically wild harvested



Learn to work with plant medicine, trust your intuition, and remember you are medicine during ongoing seasonal mentorships

Online Courses


Choose from one of the online self paced herbal medicine courses

Wise Earth Way is a 100% woman owned  regenerative medicinal herb farm producing high quality holistic herbal remedies, as well as offering herbal wellness online education classes.

Herbalism for a natural, healthy lifestyle.

Holistic herbal remedies and wellness

Hi, my name is Stephanie and I am a plant extrovert, farmer, herbalist, teacher, wild wombyn, mother and daughter.

Wise Earth was established in 2019 with the belief that our collective health is directly linked to the health of our planet. With this in mind, the company strives to care for the Earth in a way that prioritizes the needs of future generations of plants, animals, and humans. The philosophy underpins everything that this women-owned business does. The artisan herbal remedies are made from plants that are either ethically foraged or purchased from women-led regenerative farms. Read More…

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