1 on 1 Mentorship

In these remarkable times of evolution, many of us are undergoing profound healing and experiencing expansive growth unlike anything we’ve encountered before. Women, in particular, are feeling a powerful calling to share their divine gifts and medicinal wisdom to fortify the health of our communities and the interconnected web of life.

Having spent the past two decades participating in conscious women’s councils and ceremonies, I hold a deep conviction that it is now the time to reclaim our timeless role as divine healers and sacred visionaries within our communities. This legacy is a precious inheritance from our female ancestors, and it is our duty to honor and embody it as we step into the present and shape the future.

The monthly mentorship program is currently exclusively available to women who are eager to participate in a mindful council aimed at introspection and accountability concerning their health and life aspirations.

In our initial “council” session, we’ll work together to define your health and life objectives. I’ll offer you suggested daily ceremonial practices and reflections to assist you in staying grounded while pursuing your personal and/or professional goals.

The ongoing monthly council sessions will act as check-ins, providing you with a conscious ceremonial environment to reflect, heal, and grow as you advance towards your goals and beyond.

  • Define specific objectives for personal growth.
  • Craft personalized affirmations to dissolve outdated limiting beliefs.
  • Develop a daily routine that amplifies your abundance and innovation.
  • Access guidance on tailored herbs and foods for holistic well-being (note: this won’t delve as deeply as a wellness consultation).
  • A secure space to express your thoughts and aspirations. 
  • Accountability for taking action on life goals

Please note that each session costs $75, and a commitment to a 3-month mentorship is required.

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