Shatavari “Wombyn Toner”

Shatavari, Asparagus racemosus, also known as Indian Asparagus is said to strengthen the female body to the point where she is capable of having 1,000 husbands!

Shatavari, probably one of my favorite common names to say….
One of my coolest things about this plant ally, is its ability to support a woman at any stage in her life. This is due in part to the compounds known as saponins. These specific compounds in Shatavari support hormonal fluctuations, support vaginal fluid, relieve depression, enhance sexual stimulation, stimulates digestive enzymes, and supports the immune function !

This is probably why her other name is “Queen of the Herbs.”

Check out Shatavari in the Wise Wombyn Elixir

Wise Wombyn


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