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Spring eBook
Spring eBook

Each season offers a unique Medicine. Through out time, all of our Ancestors were deeply connected to the sacred Earth Spin and relied on the plants unique to each season to guide them in dietary choices, self development, and community celebrations.

Walking in balance with each season offers a sense of belonging.

Spring is the season of new beginnings and pure potentiality.

This 20 page booklet offers:

  • Energies associated with Spring
  • Journal prompts
  • Dietary tips including a “shopping list”
  • Organs of focus during Spring
  • 4 wild herbs and their monographs
  • 5 unique recipes to work with the wild herbs
  • Resource guides + foraging tips


This Spring eBook will be downloadable once your payment has processed on the “Order Details” page.

Ginkgo Brain Enhancement

Ginkgoes are “living fossils” that thrived 270 million years ago, before the age of Giants.
These Ancient Tree beings are the very last of their kind and can live to be more than 2,000 years old. Just being in the presence of this Ancestor is deeply humbling, reflecting to me the Medicine of Resilience.

The leaves are harvested in Autumn once they turn yellow. Ginkgo leaves are a traditional remedy for increasing blood flow in particular to the brain. Ginkgo leaf improves learning, remembering, concentration, and mental performance in general.

Ethically harvested fresh ginkgo leaves, organic cane alcohol, coconut glycerin, and spring water

*Fresh Ginkgo leaf extracted is a limited product. Once this batch is finished, we won’t offer it again until harvest time in the Fall.

Learn hoe to No-Till agriculture
Fresh Ashwagandha Root

Fresh Ashwagandha root is only offered for a few weeks each year from our farm. We dig your roots soon after your order is placed and they are shipped immediately to you. Once you receive your fresh roots, we highly suggest processing them immediately. This may look like chopping the roots smaller for drying or freezing and/or crafting your own tonics with the fresh potent root. All herbalist know that fresh plant medicine is always more potent.

This tonic herb aids our body’s ability to adapt to stress. It supports our endocrine system; including our hormones, thyroid, and adrenals. It also has an overall calming effect on the nervous system.

As with all Wise Earth Way herbs, Ashwagandha is grown on our No-Till Regenerative Farm in the Appalachian Mountains. We never use any chemicals. We grow with the future generations in mind and heart!

Bulk Fresh Turmeric

Beyond Organic Turmeric Root is only available from our farm for a few weeks each year during the Autumn Season. We dig the fresh roots as soon as your order is placed, so you receive the freshest possible Turmeric to your home.

Turmeric is a superfood and has been worked with for over 4,000 years for numerous health enhancing benefits. It is most widely known for its anti-inflammatory affects, enhancing joint mobility, and for keeping the liver nourished.

In our home we use fresh Turmeric in smoothies, stews, juices, and tossed into various dishes. Some people like to plant the fresh Turmeric or freeze it to use through out the year.

Blue Vervain
Blue Vervain

One of the most Sacred plant relatives to the Druids, this potent medicine is steeped in esoteric properties and spiritual virtues. 

For me this is one of the Herbs that not only heals the body, but has a noticeable affect on healing the Spirit. It has been recorded in Ireland to be one of the plants that could manipulate forces of the living and supernatural. 

Blue Vervain is extremely bitter, making it a great remedy for supporting the digestive system and enhancing liver function.

Blue Vervain can dispel Anger Out of the Liver, Calm the Nervous system and Uplift the Spirit. I find that the person needing to work with Blue Vervain, is generally tense, unable to relax mentally, and may be quick to temper.

In my home, Blue Vervain tincture is always close by to support my Moon flow and to relieve PMS symptoms.

Ginger Elixir
Ginger Elixir

For thousands of years, ginger has been used as a spice and popular herbal medicine in ChineseIndian, and Iranian medicine. In India and China, ginger root has been used as a tonic for upwards of 5,000 years.

Most of us know of Ginger and it’s ability to work as an anti-emetic (prevents nausea) , expectorant (loosens mucous), and immune boosting effects. However, in Ayurvedic healing traditions this remedy is also used to relieve Gout and issues related to indigestion.

In Iranian healing traditions ginger has applications as a tonic for memoryliver healthdigestion, and diarrhea. It is also recorded as being prescribed as an aphrodisiac. 

This living Earth Elixir is part of Mother Earth’s pharmacopeia and is grown and processed with the up most care and respect.

Ingredients: Regeneratively grown Ginger rhizome, Organic Cane Alcohol, Non-Gmo Coconut Glycerin, and Appalachian Raw Honey

Wild Rose + Rose Quartz Glycerit

This is an alcohol-free extract of Wild Roses with essence of Rose Quartz to encourage us to embrace life, soften our hearts, and have compassion for our differences.

Ingredients: Ethically Harvested Wild Rose Flowers, Coconut Glycerin, Spring Water, and Rose Quartz essence

1oz reusable glass dropper bottle