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No-Till Gardening Course

Welcome to Wise Earth Beginners Guide to No-Till Gardening Course – There is a magic that happens when plants, animals, fungi and microbes are all working in unison. This synergy of microbes, fungus (such as Mycorrhizal), and beneficial organisms, all thriving around a base of decomposing biomass, is what we strive to emulate using No-Till Renewable Methods of Agriculture.

Create your own permanent garden beds utilizing sustainable, No-Till based, ecologically beneficial methods.

What You Will Learn No-Till Gardening Course:

  • Why No-Till Gardening renewable methods of agriculture are so important for the health of the land and for the future generations.
  • How to create gardens No-Till, renewable gardens, from start to finish, covering topics such as: site selection, bed creation, pest control, beneficial weed identification and end of season clean up.
  • Learn how to create no-till gardening based renewable gardens with the goal of establishing beds rich in beneficial fungal and microbial life.
  • How to determine appropriate site selection based on your growing needs and what land opportunities are available to you.
  • How to select the appropriate tools based on your budget, garden size, and the needs of the land where you are beginning your gardens.
  • Explore unique methods for bed creation, including sheet mulching, composting in place, tarping, as well as double-digging and a discussion of machinery-based options when needed.
  • The basics of seed starting, covering topics such as: resources to invest in and a how-to for seed sowing and stepping-up different varieties of plants.
  • Different options for transplanting young seedlings into your No-Till beds.
  • How to prepare no-till gardening beds for direct sowing seeds.
  • Options for transitioning between crops in your garden, including crop rotations in order to help avoid nutritional, pest, and disease problems.
  • Pest control options for Organic gardening, as well as how to identify and manage different garden pests in your gardening system.
  • Beneficial weed identification and how-to methodologies for managing the plants present in your gardens.
  • What to do at the end of the growing season and how to plan ahead for future crops. Managing your garden season-to-season

Who the Beginners Guide to No-Till Gardening Course is for:

  • This course is specifically designed for those new to gardening who are ready to break ground and begin their journey in creating abundant gardens, but may not know where to start.
  • It also has enough intermediate gardening info for people who have some gardening experience and desire to expand their knowledge of No-Till based systems to take their gardening to the next level.
  • It is especially helpful to those wishing to learn how to tap into the unique streams of resources available in their region and how to best approach incorporating them into their gardening systems.
  • Individuals who want to empower themselves through expanding their knowledge of how to grow specific varieties of plants, while learning about what different plants need to thrive.
  • Those with some conventional tillage-based gardening experience who wish to learn how to transition their gardens into renewable No-Till systems.
  • I especially encourage those living in the city who wish to convert resource consuming lawns into a fertile oasis capable of supporting productive life.

* This course is Self Paced

* This course contains reading material, 8 instructional videos, and pictures all taken from our farm and personal experience as No-Till growers since 2014.

* Please note that this is a Living Course. We will continually be uploading new videos and bonus material along the journey. As farmers committed to learning from the land and enhancing soil fertility for generations to come, there is always something new to share. Through purchasing this course, you will gain life time access to this Living Course.

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No Till Gardening Course by Wise Earth