Earth Connection

Earth Connection journeys are currently not available due to the COVID Pandemic.

As a society, Americans have traveled further away than ever from their conscious connection to the Earth. Heart disease, cancer, and mental illness are also higher than ever before. Likewise, there is an extremely high level of animal extinction, extreme changes in climates, and much higher levels of pollution.  If we take a moment to connect the dots, it is obvious that as humans we are only as vibrant as our Mother Earth is.

This is why spending time in natural areas, practicing deep breathing, and leaving offerings for the Earth is essential. The practice of Earth Connection is a common thread among all Indigenous peoples of all continents.  Only recently in the industrial worlds has Earth Connection been forgotten.

Many of us feel this global shift happening. It is obvious that the time has never been riper for the human race to remember their deep connection to the Great Life-Giving Earth.

Let me guide you on an Earth Connection Journey. You will be given the opportunity to work with your breath, ground your energy into the Earth, and invited to listen to the Elements. During Earth Connection Journeys you will also be given the opportunity to eat wild foods, learn about the use of medicinal plants, and drink fresh herbal tea in the forest.

Ready to take a Journey and Connect to the Earth?

You can book your Journey with me directly by emailing me at Most Journey’s take place during the weekend, however, I am open to working with you or a group during the week.

Currently, Earth Connection Journey takes place at Herb Mountain Farm in Weaverville, NC. If you would like to host an Earth Connection Journey in your area, please reach out and let’s see what we can create!


The Journey typically lasts 2-2.5 hours and is $40 per person. For groups larger than 4 people, there will be a discount.