Earth Connection

As we heal and grow, let us remember our deep connection to the Earth, with the plants as our guides.

As a society, people in the United States have traveled further and further away from their conscious connection to the Earth. Rates of Heart disease, cancer, and mental illness are also higher than ever before. Likewise, humankind is witnessing massive levels of animal extinction, extreme changes in the climate, and much higher levels of pollution than before.  If we take a moment to connect the dots, it is obvious that as humans we are only as healthy and vibrant as our Mother Earth. Although the cause of all of these problems is complex and multi-layered, one common piece is the loss of our deeper connection to the Earth in this modern industrialized world.

Many of us feel the need for a global shift. Personally, one of the greatest ways I have sought to reconnect with the Earth is through tuning in to her seasonal cycles. As a whole, there has never been a more ripe time for the human race to remember its deep connection to the great, Life-Giving Earth. 

Throughout the year, the Earth continually tilts on her axis, and with this tilt, the seasons change, directly affecting us both externally and internally. There is no mistake that many of the most sacred places on Earth are directly aligned with these seasonal shifts.  The Temple of the Sun in Peru is built in such a way that on the Summer Solstice, the sun shines through a window and lights up a specific spot carved on a sacred rock.  Stonehenge of Southwest England, was also built in such a way that the specific stones line up directly with the rising Sun on the Summer Solstice and Winter Solstice. 

Many of our ancestors were nomadic, following the migration of animals and the growing cycles of plants throughout the year based on the change in Season. Today, many of us feel the subtle shifts in our energy levels depending on the season we are experiencing. Often, we may have more energy in the Summer and generally feel more tired during the winter. For some people, having bouts of seasonal depression during these colder, darker days is common. 

It is obvious that we are directly affected by the changes created in the Earth’s seasonal cycles. Just as our ancestors before knew how to work with these changes, it is our time to remember how to reconnect with these Sacred Cycles.  This Seasonal Earth Connection series was formulated to serve as a guide for you to explore your own connection to the Earth in this budding Spring season.

What's included in the Spring Earth Connection Bundle?

Spring Booklet ($10 value)

  • Journal prompts to support your personal reflection and connection to the season
  • Grounding practices
  • Suggested foods to support your physiological adaption to Spring
  • 4 Herbal monographs
  •  5 Herbal recipes

Herbal Bundle ($68 value)

Special Bundle Sale : Was $70 Now $59

What to expect from the Earth Remedies included ?

The remedies included in the Spring Earth Connection Bundle support the liver, gallbladder, and lymph system.  We recommend working with each remedy daily, to support your body’s ability to adapt to the Season with ease. These remedies may serve as a gentle cleanser, opening up the body’s chambers of elimination, so that you feel a since of renewal. 

The “Spring” booklet included in the kit will give a brief overview of the organs associated with the Spring Season, as well as foods that support your bodies natural detoxification process. 

Most people report feeling more energy and an overall sense of wellbeing when connecting to the Seasons through working with plant allies.  This booklet and herbal bundle is a helpful tool and gentle way to reset your body and create a sense of connection in your daily life.