Eastern Red Buds are in full bloom where I live during April and May

Their flowers and young pods taste delicious and are a favorite wild edible. You can try them raw or even cooked.

Try this Eastern Red Bud Jam recipe……kids love it!!!


6-7 cups Eastern Red Bud flowers
5 Tbsp. pectin
4 Tbsp. lemon juice
4 cups sugar
4 cups boiling water


  1. Pour the boiling water on the Red Bud flowers. Allow them to infuse in the water for 24 hours.
  2. After you have made the strong infusion of the Red Bud flowers, strain off the red liquid.
  3. Bring the infused liquid, lemon juice, and pectin to a low boil. Continue to stir until all ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
  4. Add the sugar and bring to another low boil.
  5. Boil on low and gently stir for 2-3 minutes.
    1. *Before step 6, you can always spoon out some of the jelly and place it in the freezer or refrigerator to see if the consistency is to your liking*
  6. Turn the heat off and pour jelly into jelly jars!

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