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  • Mugwort Wand

    Mugwort Wand


    These are traditional “saining” wands worked with to purify the mind, body, spirit, and home. One end is lit with flame and allowed to burn similar to incense. You may feel inspired to move the Mugwort saining wand in a circular motion around the body or in a room to purify and transform energy.

    “Saining,” is a traditional Scottish Gaelic word for blessing, protecting, or consecrating.

    Mugwort is one of the most common saining herbs for many Celtic people.

    Each order contains 1 Mugwort Saining Bundle

    “The Oldest of Plants, Eldest Werta. The One with the Grey Hair, Liath Lus. She who walks with many names, Cronewort. She who carries many stories of transformation, cleansing, purification, visioning, and healing, Mugwort.”