1500mg CBD Pain Relief Bundle

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A Bundle of Farm Fresh CBD Hemp products to support the body, both inside and out. Our 1500mg CBD Sublingual is concentrated to deliver 50mg of Full Spectrum CBD per serving. Our CBD pain salve is formulated specifically to help ease everyday aches and pains in the body and joints. With this bundle, enjoy the benefits of one of natures most miraculous plants, helping to calm your nervous system and sooth bodily ailments. Get the relief your body needs!

Bundle includes:

1oz Super CBD 1500mg

Ingredients: Organic and Non-GMO MCT Coconut oil infused with Fresh Raw Hemp flowers, Full Spectrum CBD extract, and Organic Sunflower Lecithin

2oz CBD Pain Salve

Ingredients: Organic Avocado oil, Organic and Non-Gmo MCT Coconut oil, Full Spectrum 500mg CBD extract, Organic Arnica flowers, Menthol crystals, and Beeswax


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1500mg CBD Pain Relief Bundle


1500mg CBD Pain Relief Bundle – Our CBD products are as pure as they come. We craft our CBD products with Hemp that we grow and process by hand.

Harvested, trimmed, slow-cured, and extracted using cyro-ethanol at -60 degrees Celcius, our Hemp is pure from field to bottle.

We only use 100% organic cane ethanol and 100% Organic Coconut MCT in our extraction process. Combining Organic Cane Alcohol and Organic Coconut MCT extraction techniques ensures the widest range of beneficial compounds possible.

Utilizing Regenerative Agriculture and Organic inputs, we apply no-till based agricultural practices to enhance soil fertility and finished product purity.

The way we farm takes more time, but the quality and care we put into what we grow gives our CBD its unique qualities.

Our 1500mg CBD sublingual includes the best of the both worlds in extraction techniques. The cyro-ethanol extraction technique ensures a high potency of CBD is delivered in each dose, while Organic Coconut MCT extraction ensures the fat-soluble components of CBD are present in our 1500mg tincture.

Our 500mg CBD topical salve also includes Arnica and Menthol to cool and sooth achy joints and muscles.

Utilized in combination, these two amazing products have the potential to bring pain relief, while generating a sense of calmness and well being.


The terms of purchase are such that the purchaser fully understands that they are purchasing a product that is not evaluated by the FDA. All Wise Earth Way CBD products, including those with trace of amounts of .3% THC or less, are in accordance with the Federal Farm Bill of 2014.

1 review for 1500mg CBD Pain Relief Bundle


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    Melissa Shelton

    Love this product!

    I went to Spirit Fusions in NC and the owner was selling the salve. I have terrible neck pain… it works! My mother in law came over and I rubbed her feet with it and she loved it. We went online to get her some salve and we both came across the bundle and purchased one for each of us. I don’t regret it! I’m sold on the product and impressed with the origin of the product!

    April 20, 2022
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