Blue Vervain

One of the most Sacred plant relatives to the Druids, this potent medicine is steeped in esoteric properties and spiritual virtues. 

For me this is one of the Herbs that not only heals the body, but has a noticeable affect on healing the Spirit. It has been recorded in Ireland to be one of the plants that could manipulate forces of the living and supernatural. 

Blue Vervain is extremely bitter, making it a great remedy for supporting the digestive system and enhancing liver function.

Blue Vervain can dispel Anger Out of the Liver, Calm the Nervous system and Uplift the Spirit. I find that the person needing to work with Blue Vervain, is generally tense, unable to relax mentally, and may be quick to temper.

In my home, Blue Vervain tincture is always close by to support my Moon flow and to relieve PMS symptoms.


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Blue Vervain


All herbs grown by Wise Earth Way are grown using methods of No-Till regenerative agriculture. We never use any chemicals and take great care in tending to the Earth with the future generations in mind and heart.


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