Bulk Fresh Turmeric

Beyond Organic Turmeric Root is only available from our farm for a few weeks each year during the Autumn Season. We dig the fresh roots as soon as your order is placed, so you receive the freshest possible Turmeric to your home.

Turmeric is a superfood and has been worked with for over 4,000 years for numerous health enhancing benefits. It is most widely known for its anti-inflammatory affects, enhancing joint mobility, and for keeping the liver nourished.

In our home we use fresh Turmeric in smoothies, stews, juices, and tossed into various dishes. Some people like to plant the fresh Turmeric or freeze it to use through out the year.


Bulk Fresh Turmeric

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All fresh Turmeric orders are dug to order and shipped immediately. Upon receiving you can stick the fresh roots in your refrigerator or freezer for longer storage.

*As with all herbs grown by Wise Earth Way, there is never any chemicals applied to the Land. We practice No-Till Regenerative Agriculture and take great care when growing food + medicine for the people!

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