CBD Care Bundle

The CBD Care Bundle is a great way to try multiple products containing CBD to support the body, both inside and out. This is also a wonderful care bundle to gift to your health conscious friends and family.

This bundle contains:

Big Chill with 500mg Full Spectrum CBD + botanicals

  • This super Chill Potion is a great aid for daily stress relief. It is formulated with 500mg of Full Spectrum CBD, Organic Skullcap, Wild harvested Reishi Mushroom, Organic Ashwagandha root, and Organic Tulsi with Flower Essence of Blue Vervain. Together these flowers, roots, and mushrooms offer restoration for the nervous system.

500mg Full Spectrum Pain Salve with Arnica + Menthol

  • Our CBD pain salve is formulated specifically to help ease everyday aches and pains in the body and joints.

Sweet Dreams with CBD + Botanicals

  • This is a nervous system relaxing blend of our artisan grown and processed Super CBD extraction (350mg) combined with sleep inducing botanicals; including Passionflower, California Poppy, and Chamomile. This is a great way to calm the monkey mind before bed and soothe the nervous system so you can get some peaceful sleep.


*These statements have not been read or evaluated by the FDA and therefore are not intended to treat or cure.


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CBD Care Bundle


Our CBD products are as pure as they come. We craft our CBD products with Hemp that we grow and process by hand. We practice Regenerative Agriculture, applying methods of no-till, organic, and biodynamic to enhance soil fertility and the finished product purity.

Harvested, trimmed, slow-cured, and extracted using cyro-ethanol at -60 degrees Celcius, our Hemp is pure from field to bottle.

We use only 100% organic cane ethanol extracted CBD oil, blended with 100% Organic Coconut MCT in our formulation process.

Utilizing Regenerative Agriculture and Organic inputs, we apply no-till based agricultural practices to enhance soil fertility and finished product purity.

The way we farm takes more time, but the quality and care we put into what we grow gives our CBD its unique qualities.


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