CBD Herbal Smoke Blend

Our CBD Herbal smoke blend includes a combination of 7 unique herbs, creating a smooth, relaxing, and flavorful smoke. Herbs such as Lobelia can be a useful aide for those who wish to quit smoking cigarettes.

1oz reusable tin container

Ingredients: Hand-grown + Hand Harvested Artisan CBD Hemp Flowers, Wild Harvested Mugwort Leaf, Meadowsweat, Wild Harvested Passionflower Leaf, Wild Harvested Mullein Leaf, Lobelia, and Wild Harvested Yerba Santa Leaf


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CBD Herbal Smoke Blend



Our CBD flower is hand selected, trimmed, and cured at a low temperature and humidity for 7-14 days to ensure all beneficial compounds and terpenes are present in the finished flower. We then transfer our flower into clean glass jars and continue the slow curing process for another 30+ days.

We take the time to visually inspect each individual flower to ensure it is of highest quality with no mold present.


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