Flower Face Facial Toner

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Flower Face Facial Toner


Flower Face- Organic Facial Toner for all skin types

2oz reusable cobalt blue glass spray bottle

Ingredients: Wild Harvested Fresh Flowers (Elder, Borage, Comfrey, Yarrow, Calendula, and/or Chamomile), Witch Hazel, Bulgarian Rose Water, and Aloe juice

This facial toner is perfect for all skin types. The organic and ethically harvested ingredients support a balanced complexion and brighten the skin naturally without leaving it too dry.

Herbal spotlight 🌿
-improves skin complexion by supporting the elasticity
-relieve for wrinkles or sun-damaged skin
-natural antioxidants

-relieves inflammation
-relief for irritated skin
-improves the texture of the skin

-healing for sun-damaged skin
-great for reducing scars
-improves elasticity

– smoothes out rough spots
– natural Vulnerary action helps to heal damaged skin tissue
– lightens skin spots

– Relieves inflammation
– Repairs damaged skin tissue
– Natural antioxidants

– Lightens skin spots
– Calms inflamed tissue
– Natural antioxidants

*Wise Earth Way is a small family farm in the Appalachian mountains of NC. We are beyond organic as we tend the Earth with the next generations of people, plants, and animals in mind and heart*


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