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Protective Shield Hand Sanitizer

1oz reusable glass spray bottle

Hand Sanitizers are great tools for killing pathogens. However, there is so much fear around the prevention of dis-ease that I wanted to create a hand sanitizer that offered more. I have included the flower essence of Yarrow to work as a protective shield so that unwanted energies and/or emotions don’t come into your field. I have also included the oil of Rosemary to enhance this protection and to also help us remember to be present with our thoughts.

Ingredients: Organic Cane Alcohol, Rose Water, Witch Hazel, Spring Water, Essential oil of Rosemary, and Flower Essence of Yarrow


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Protective Shield Hand Sanitizer


As a conscious spirit having a human experience, there is one thing for certain, the unseen realms are much larger than the seen. This Hand Sanitizer was crafted to act as a protective shield against any fear based thinking from penetrating your Protective Shield.

You may also find it helpful as a room spray to clear the space.

*Wise Earth Way is a small family farm in the Appalachian mountains of NC. We are beyond organic as we tend the Earth with the next generations of people, plants, and animals in mind and heart*



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