Huathe Elixir “Wild Hawthorn”

Ingredients: Ethically Wild Harvested Hawthorn berries (Crataegus spp.), Rose Quartz and Spirit Quartz Essence, Artisan Brandy, Spring Water, and Appalachian Wildflower Honey

Huathe is the word for Hawthorn in the ancient Gaelic alphabet known as Ogham. Huathe is one of the sacred trees to the         na Druí.

Huathe is seen as a “gateway” to the otherworld, this is why they are never cut down. Our physical hearts are also seen as “gateways,” to our emotional + spiritual depths. Many ancient cultures share that the spiritual heart is located in the same area as our physical heart. This is our connection with the Divine and is like an inner sun that shines Light into all areas of our lives.

Hawthorn berries are traditionally worked with to strengthen and tonify the Heart, while enhancing the flow of  oxygen and energy to all cells in the body. Hawthorn may be worked with for long periods of time for more chronic issues related to the Heart. This Huathe Elixir may also be worked with as needed, if you find yourself working intuitively with the depths of the Sacred Heart Path. 

Rose Quartz is stone medicine for healing emotional wounds and is deeply connected to the Heart.  It helps to open the spiritual heart and connect with others, especially if there has been past experiences that have left you with a “guarded heart.”

Spirit Quartz is a powerful stone linked to the crown and is also known as a Master Healer amongst the stone medicines. It can help with connecting with the universal consciousness of Love and opening up oneself to new visions and insights.


*This Elixir is only available seasonally


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Huathe Elixir “Wild Hawthorn”


Have you ever noticed that when something feels good to you or someone shares something and you instantly connect to what they are saying, you sit a little taller and your chest feels more open? And have you ever noticed that when something really doesn’t feel right and you walk into a room where you totally don’t connect with what’s going on, you “cave” your chest in and lower your shoulders? That’s because intuitively we know how to share from the Divine Heart Center or to Protect our Divine Heart Center. 



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