Womb Care Bundle

She is your inner voice, your creative spark, your spiritual counselor, your intuition and psychic muse. Allow her essence to be nourished with this Sacred Creation.

During each Moon Phase (face) we have an opportunity to align our consciousness, as we are also changing with each Phase. Grandmother Moon is the keeper of Waters. She has a song for the changing of tides. Our physical body is made of this very same water. So, it only makes sense that we too are influenced by Grandmother Moon.

Womb Care Bundle Contains:


Yoni Steam (3-4 steams)

Ingredients: Calendula, Yarrow, Mugwort, Uva Ursi, Comfrey, and Rose

This powerful tool may benefit those experiencing menstrual irregularities, increase fertility, speed recovery after birth, support relief of hemorrhoids, vaginal dryness, promote healthy detoxification, and encourage the release of “stuck” emotions and/or tap into the feminine creative potential.

Priestess Enchanted Mist 1oz

Ingredients: Spring Water, Black Obsidian New Moon Essence, Palo Santo, Rosewater, and Flower Essences

Sacred Enchantment for this Body + Room Spray:
I stand strong with one foot in this physical realm and the other in the unseen spiritual realm. I am a World-Bridger, always saying Yes to my higher intuition. I see things others choose not to. I am not afraid to walk the path less traveled.

We ensure that the Palo Santo we purchase supports the preservation of indigenous lands and consciousness. 

Womb and Yoni Oil 1oz

Ingredients: Organic Calendula and Borage flowers, Comfrey leaf, Organic Shatavari root, Organic Muira puama root, Organic Avocado oil, Organic Sunflower oil, Organic Rose Hip Seed oil, and Sunflower derived Vitamin E

For Self Massage, Pleasure Lubrication, and Daily Anointing for the Holy Temple

Womb Tea

Ingredients: Spring Nettle leaf tips, Red Raspberry leaf, Tulsi aerial parts, Red Clover blossoms

A nourishing and empowering tea for the sacred womb. This blend will enhance mineral absorption, tone the uterus, and gently cleanse the blood.


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Womb Care Bundle

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The Womb Center is the place of pure creativity. Through this dark fertile place, known as Womb, there is magic. These remedies were created with specific adaptogenic herbal allies to support the vibrancy of our holy temples and allow us to embrace our creative shakti energy. 

These organic herbs (most of them I grow) support lymph drainage, have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, and encourage proper circulation.


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