Priestess Mist

1oz reusable spray bottle

Ingredients: Spring Water, Black Obsidian New Moon Essence, Palo Santo, Rosewater, and Flower Essences

Element Air
Dark Moon
Courage – Intuition – Visions


An lovely way to purify and bring the spirit of sacredness into your space. Palo Santo is regarded as the Tree of Life in many cultures, for its potent ability to cleanse the soul.

As a psychosomatic healer, Palo Santo brings peace to your heart, flooding your energy field with light and repelling bad vibes.

All of our Palo Santo goods are 100% sustainably grown and ethically harvested in Ecuador. They ethically cultivate these naturally fallen trees, while replanting in the wild. We ensure that the Palo Santo we purchase supports the preservation of indigenous lands and consciousness. 


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She is your inner voice, your creative spark, your spiritual counselor, your intuition and psychic muse. Allow her essence to be nourished with this Sacred Creation.

During each Moon Phase (face) we have an opportunity to align our consciousness, as we are also changing with each Phase. Grandmother Moon is the keeper of Waters. She has a song for the changing of tides. Our physical body is made of this very same water. So, it only makes sense that we too are influenced by Grandmother Moon.

The Priestess Collection was born out of a vision from Grandmother Moon and a Weaving of Sacred Enchantment. We have an opportunity to seek council with any of our Priestess Archetypes at any time. They each carry special wisdom to share. Below you will find their brief story and wisdom that they offer as it is woven into each Moon Phase.

Inner Reflection:
I stand strong with one foot in this physical realm and the other in the unseen spiritual realm. I am a World-Bridger, always saying Yes to my higher intuition. I see things others choose not to. I am not afraid to walk the path less traveled.


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