Spring Tonic (Copy)

5oz reusable glass bottle

It’s power packed with lymphagogues, alteratives, and cholagogue properties. These specific properties support healthy liver, kidney, and lymph function; while cleansing the blood and increasing mineral absorption.

Traditionally, these types of “tonics” are consumed during the change of seasons to support our bodies ability to adapt. You may enjoy taking a shot daily, seasoning your steamed vegetables, or using as a salad dressing. This is a great way to introduce wild foods into the diet.

Ingredients:  Ethically harvested fresh herbs of Dandelion leaf, and root, Chickweed leaf, Cleavers leaf juice, and Nettles, in a base of Raw Apple Cider Vinegar and Raw Appalachian Honey

*All Herbs are Hand Grown and Harvested utilizing Renewable Methods, without the use of synthetic chemicals or fertilizers


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Spring Tonic (Copy)


Spring is a time of new growth. A time that many of us in the Northern Hemisphere, are excited to finally get back outside after a Winters internal reflection. During the colder months, our metabolism tends to slow down. Spring is an opportunity to bring more movement back into our bodies.

The first weeds to burst through the thawing soil are the foods that we need to add to our daily diet. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, Spring is a time to support the Liver and Gallbladder. After being indoors most of Winter, we may feel a little pent up or stagnant.  Liver and Gallbladder stagnation may cause symptoms of anger, aggression, short-tempered, and impatience. Traditionally, people have relied on plants as allies to help us adapt to the change of seasons.

This simple Wild Foods based Spring Tonic is a great way to support the body as it adapts to the changing of the Season.



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