Wounded Warrior

1oz reusable glass dropper bottle

This Essence is for Emotional + Spiritual Wellbeing. There is a flourishing life in the unseen realms. Sometimes our thoughts and emotions start to create patterns from past traumas from this life and possibly other lives. These imprints can be responsible for our current actions.

The flower + gem essences present in this remedy are for someone who is empathic, sensitive, a healer, or those easily affected by others. This essence helps us create a clear boundary, so we don’t allow our energy to “bleed out” and in return we don’t “pick up” anything that doesn’t serve us. The Wounded Warrior Essence also helps us to connect to our own internal compass, so we can trust the messages we are receiving.

This Essence helps us root our Spiritual Staff in the Earth, so we can walk straight and true while our Internal Light shines bright.

“My wounds have become my greatest medicines. I cancel all contracts that harm me or those I love. My sacred shield of protection keeps my boundaries clear.”

Ingredients: Spring Water, Proprietary Blend of Flower + Gem Essences, Cognac, Love, and Prayer



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Wounded Warrior


What are Essences?

Flower, Tree, and Gem Essences are powerful allies for our emotional and spiritual bodies. They are energetic imprints of the plant or gems vital force and give us an opportunity to connect with the plant or gem on a spiritual level. Essences work by getting into the depths of our subconscious and sometimes can create radical changes.


Because essences work on the emotional + spiritual body, the suggested dose is 5 drops, 3 times per day. The drops can be added to water or other beverage of choice. 


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