Land Consultations

Wise Earth Way offers in-person land consultations within a 1-hour radius of Asheville, NC in Western North Carolina.

*If you are outside this 1 hour radius, please feel free to contact us regarding our services. We have Zoom and phone consultation options, as well as the possibility of visiting your site based on the distance we must travel, our availability, and the financial resources needed to cover extra costs. 

With over 3 decades of combined experience in food and medicinal herb production, we are happy to assist you in creating the abundant, functional gardens of your dreams. Our expertise comes from the combination of many years of experience working on production-based vegetable farms, at Permaculture-based learning centers, as well as on biodynamic farms with livestock and orchards. We also currently operate a 1 acre, No-Till based farm where we produce high-quality Food and Medicinal Herbs. We have worked and learned on farms in 8 different countries, as well as several different growing regions in the USA. We also specialize in incorporating No-Till and regenerative agricultural methods in our site planning.

During our in-person site visit, we will walk your property with you to assess the unique productivity potential of your site, as well as examine your property to help you plan well to avoid potential future challenges. We can help you identify what plants are already present and analyze your property’s different zones based on factors such as sunlight, water flow, topography, and resource access. We can also identify existing beneficial plants to protect and invasive plants that could create challenges if left unchecked.

We strive to meet the needs of every client, whether you want to live a more self-sufficient lifestyle or are exploring the option to develop a commercial business at your site. Wherever your vision may be leading you, we take pride in offering you the tools to help take your land to the next level of production.

Cost of initial land consultation:


We strive to customize our land consultations to suit your specific needs. Our consultations include 1.5 hours of actively walking your site with you to explore your land and hear about your vision. We encourage clients to direct this time as they see fit, addressing their most pressing needs first.   *If you want us to spend more time at your site, with our initial consultations, we charge $50 for each additional hour beyond the 1.5 hours included with your consultation. 

The following list includes some of the topics that may be addressed during the initial consultation: 

  • Overall discussion of the strengths and potential challenges present at your site
  • Beneficial plant identification
  • Invasive and other challenging plant identification and potential remediation steps
  • Initial plans for garden/orchard creation and/or steps to improve current garden spaces
  • Amendment and soil recommendations based on what you want to grow and current conditions
  • Plant and tree recommendations based on your vision and our discussion together
  • Other recommendations, such as garden placement, water systems, and on-site resource potential
  • Guidance on when and where to utilize larger machinery best to suit the production potential and functionality of your site

The initial consultation also includes:

  • A Google Docs write-up including a summary of what we discussed during our visit for your records.
  • The ability to email us with any follow-up questions that may have come up for you after the conclusion of our visit.
  • Time to discuss other ways that we can assist you with the design and implementation of the recommendations that we have made.

 We strive to keep the costs of our initial consultations low in order to make them accessible to nearly anyone. We know that creating abundance on any given property takes lots of time, commitment, and financial investment.

For those with a do-it-yourself demeanor, our consultation can be just what you need to get your project moving on your own. 

For those who own property and have more resources to bring in help from the outside, we also offer the following:    


The Option of a Two or 3-Step Process for Your Site:

For clients who wish to work with us in a more in-depth way, we are available to meet your needs through either a two or three-step process:

Our Two-Step Process:

1. Consultation with Design Commitment: Our initial site visit, as discussed above, with the option for a more extended consult which will give us the time needed to better map out what you would like to accomplish at your site and prepare us to provide you with a concrete written plan.

2. Design: After our initial consultation, we will work with you further to develop written designs that will include visual site maps that cover the planting and infrastructural recommendations provided during the initial consultation.

Option for the Third and Final Step:    

3. Installation: Once we complete the design process, we will physically move forward with the proposed designs on the ground.  

*If you feel committed to the two or three-step processes outlined below, the initial consultation cost will be determined on a case-by-case basis. If you would like to work with us to develop detailed designs and installations for your property, we will discuss pricing at that time. Depending on the nature of your project and our level of involvement, our initial consultation may be included as a part of our design process. 

Assisting With Current Projects and Landscaping Installations

If you wish to have us visit your location to support you with your landscaping and gardening needs, we provide services, including:

  • New garden bed creation
  • Planting of trees, shrubs, Vegetables, and/or Medicinal Herbs
  • Mulching
  • Pruning
  • Any other general assistance around the garden or farm

$40 hourly rate with a 30mi radius to Asheville (If you are outside of these limits, please don’t hesitate to reach out still.)

Please contact Christopher Ripley for more information at WiseEarthWay@gmail.