Herbs and Nutrients for Stress Resilience

The Wise Earth Way

Herbs and Nutrients for Stress Resilience

Join me for a practical journey into creating more stress resilience in your life. Let’s face it, the majority of people today are living in a state of tolerable to toxic chronic stress. It’s time that we stop allowing stress to take the lead and empower ourselves to use natural tools; such as herbs, food, and nature connection to live with more resilience in an ever changing world.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to identify the stress response
  • The difference between relaxant and hypnotic herbs that may be worked with to calm the over excited nervous system
  • The power of super tonics, known as Adaptogens for long term use to rebuild and replenish the nervous system
  • An overview of 15 herbs that build stress resilience
  • Specific foods that support the nervous system response and over all well being
  • A recipe guide for working with herbs and food in your home kitchen to live a life with more resilience

Who is this Course for:

  • This course is for you! We are all living in an over stimulated world, and this course will offer you guidance for working with herbs and food to live your life with more stress resilience.

* This course is Self Paced

* This course contains reading material, instructional videos, and pictures all taken from our sustainable medicinal herb farm and natural products business.

Herbs and Nutrients for Stress Resilience Online Course