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Comprehensive Home Apothecary Garden Course

Welcome to Wise Earth Home Apothecary Garden Course – Start your journey of creating an abundant and unique home apothecary garden with the help of this friendly, comprehensive course. Learn how to grow 5 herbal plants, craft herbal remedies, and stock your own medicine cabinet. 

Take the first step towards a more holistic lifestyle by enrolling in this course today. Learning about herbal medicine and growing your own healing plants will give you an invaluable context when it comes to natural relief for yourself and loved ones. Embrace wellness through the wisdom of plants and join the vibrant home apothecary movement!

What You Will Learn – Home Apothecary Garden Course:

  • To utilize tools that help you connect mentally, physically, and emotionally with the Land you call Home.
  • How to grow 5 Medicinal Herbs for both container gardens or in ground gardens
  • To create a relationship with 5 unique Herbs through learning about their medicinal uses for physical and emotional well being.
  • How to create Healing Remedies with each of the 5 herbs we will study in-depth.
  • How to craft your own unique Teas, Decoctions, Tinctures, Glycerites, Honeys, Vinegars, Salves, and Oils to fully stock your personal Healing Apothecary.
  • A downloadable recipe guide to craft healing remedies for your family
  • A reliable resource guide for garden tools, apothecary supplies, bulk herbs, seeds, and more

Who the Home Apothecary Garden Course is for:

  • This course is specifically designed for those new to growing medicinal herbs and making their own herbal remedies who are ready to break ground and begin their journey in creating safe, sustainable, and potent plant based healing formulas. Please note that many of the recipes shared are guided towards typical home health concerns; skin rashes, cold/flu support, relaxing potions, digestion enhancement, etc…

* This course is Self Paced

* This course contains reading material, instructional videos, and pictures all taken from our sustainable medicinal herb farm and natural products business.

* Please note that this is a Living Course. We will continually be uploading new videos and bonus material along the journey. As farmers and herbalist committed to learning from the land and enhancing soil fertility for generations to come, there is always something new to share. Through purchasing this course, you will gain life time access to the Home Apothecary Garden Course.

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Home Apothecary Garden Course by Wise Earth