Wellness Consultations

Wellness Consultations and Support

Wise Earth Way Wellness Consultations:

If you have made it to this page, chances are you are looking for some guidance and support on your path to wellness and vitality.  This craving for support from the natural world is woven deep into each of our ancestral bones. It is remembering ourselves whole again. 

Wellness Consultations

I understand that healing is a personal journey, and I am here to help you connect with the natural world to support your unique process. As a Certified Clinical Herbalist, I am well-versed in Scientific Herbalism, Vitalism, Folk Traditions, and the Wise Women tradition to nourish your mind, body, and soul. Whether you struggle with chronic illness, need guidance in choosing the right foods or herbs, or simply want to deepen your connection with nature, I am here to support you.

My practice started in 2010 as a strict Clinical Practice within an Integrative medical office. During those early years, I gained experience with herb-drug interactions, lab diagnostics, and many more clinical skills that I still use today. However, over the years, I realized more and more that there is something much deeper going on when it comes to healing.  Today, my practice is Wholistic.  The clients I work with dig deep into vulnerable places. We heal trauma and grief together. We remember how to stand proud, speak confidently, and feel joy again. Most of all we remember what it is to feel connected to Life again.   

Book an appointment for virtual care via Zoom, Skype, or Google Chat and receive a wellness consultation from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you are in the world. Let’s embark on this journey together!

How it Works

After you schedule and pay for your initial appointment, I will email you a wellness consultations questionnaire.  

At our first session, we look at astrology, diet, what medications you may be taking, who is your support system, who are the key people in your life, past trauma or grief, how busy/stressed you are, etc… so that I get the overall picture of where you are starting from. We look at your goals and expectations and set a plan of action that will fit within your lifestyle.

The most important thing for you to keep in mind when we work together is that you are the only one who is 24/7 with you, so you must become part of the solution. When we work together, I teach you as much as I can so that you will eventually not need a wellness consultant. For more information on how to get started, simply email me directly at WiseEarthWay@gmail.com.

Here’s a glance at what a Wellness Consultation looks like:

  • Review of Health Concerns
  • Overview of Personal Astrological Blueprint
  • Suggested Dietary Tips & Recipes
  • Suggested Daily Ceremonial Practices to live a more Meaningful Life
  • Personalized Nutraceutical & Herbal Recommendations
  • Enhance Daily Routine
  • Ability to look at previous Lab Tests with a holistic perspective

Initial Cost 

$160 Initial appointment

  • This includes a 60-90 minute wellness consultation where we will dig a bit deep. You will leave with a personalized Wellness Plan. Each Wellness Plan will include a brief overview of our session. Sometimes I channel fast and there is a lot of information, so I try to summarize it in your Wellness Plan. It will also include suggestions, such as; herbs, food,  supplements, flower essences, and personalized daily ceremonies. 
  • This price does not include the cost of suggested herbs or lab test. 
  • If lab test are requested,  I will review them at no additional fee.

$75 Follow up appointment

  • Depending on your individual wellness goals/plan, follow-ups are 45 minutes and may be weekly or monthly. This gives us an opportunity to find out what has changed, what is working, and what may not be working. Follow up appointments are key to success.
Cancellation Policy

Late Cancellations: When you book a service, I reserve that time exclusively for you. I require a 24-hour notice when canceling your appointment so that I may have time to reach clients on my waiting list. As a courtesy to all my clients, I will offer a one-time “freebie” per year to late-cancel without being charged. All subsequent late cancellations will be charged a $45 fee.

No-Shows: The freebie does not apply to no-shows. If you miss your appointment without calling me to let me know, you will be charged the full cost of the service you had scheduled.