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  • Cold Care Bundle, Immune Care

    Cold Care Bundle


    Cold Care | Rapid Relief

    The Cold Care Bundle comprises traditional remedies aimed at boosting overall immune function for daily use or for alleviating common symptoms associated with upper respiratory distress.

    These remedies, essential for any home apothecary, are suitable for all household members.

    Cold Care Bundle Includes:

    Super Elderberry Elixir – 1oz

    Our concentrated Super Elderberry Elixir combines Elderberries, Wild Turkey Tail Mushrooms, Echinacea, and Thyme to enhance immune function. These ingredients are also effective in providing relief from viral infections.

    Throat Spray – 1oz

    A soothing botanical spray designed to support the immune system and temporarily alleviate mild symptoms of throat pain. It offers additional support during seasonal health challenges and is enjoyed by both kids and adults due to its sweet, soothing taste.

    Deep Breath Chest Rub – 2oz

    This blend of aromatic Conifer tree tips, including Spruce, Balsam, Pine, and Hemlock, supports clear respiratory passages.


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