Intuition Bundle

Fine tune your superhuman power of intuition!

Holistic health is the practice of seeing the whole Mind + Body + Spirit as 1 being. Harnessing the power of our innate intuition is part of trusting the divine messages we receive. This Intuition Bundle helps to activate this Superhuman strength by enhancing the  pineal gland function.

You may feel a sense of spiritual euphoria when working with the Intuition Activator as it contains specific flower essences and amethyst gem elixir that enhances perception and strengthens our ability to trust ourselves, while breaking patterns of self doubt.

1 – Mugwort Wand

1 – Intuition Activator

Ingredients:  Organic Blue Lotus Flower extract, flower essence blend of cosmo, cerato, clary sage, love in a mist, and amethyst crystal essence

Holistic Intuition Bundle Suggested Use:

Light the Mugwort at one end and ceremonially bless yourself from head to toe.

Drop 3-5 drops of Intuition Activator on to your tongue, with positive intention.

You may choose to repeat these steps each morning and evening to ceremonially open and close your day.


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Intuition Bundle

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Holistic Intuition Bundle helps fine tune your superhuman power of Intuition!

This Bundle contains:

1 Mugwort wand

These are traditional “saining” wands worked with to purify the mind, body, spirit, and home. One end is lit with flame and allowed to burn similar to incense. You may feel inspired to move the Mugwort saining wand in a circular motion around the body or in a room to purify and transform energy.

“Saining,” is a traditional Scottish Gaelic word for blessing, protecting, or consecrating. Mugwort’s gaelic name is “Liath Lus.”

  • Mystic Plant of the Moon
  • Worked with for Lucid Dreaming and Astral Projections
  • Aids in Clearing Negative Energy from Persons and Spaces
  • Harnesses the power of trusting intuition and messages we receive

1 Intuition Activator essence

A potent activating blend of Organic Blue Lotus extract, Amythest Gem Essence, Flower Essences of Clary Sage, Love in a Mist, Cosmo, and Cerato

It is suggested to work with this essence each morning and evening, administering 2-3 drops to the tongue and holding in the mouth with a positive intention. This blend activates spiritual awareness by activating the pineal gland. The essences are specific for releasing old patterns, that keep us from trusting our divine connection to source.

  • Mystic Plants of Intuition
  • Aid in trusting guidance we receive from the unseen


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